The Athletics World Championships were held in Doha for 10 days (27/9 – 6/10/2019)

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Katerina Stefanidi was once again at the podium of ma major event. She earned the bronze medal in the pole vault clearing 4.85m – season’s best. The winner was the Russian – competing as authorised neutral athlete- Anzhelika Sidorova who achieved her last attempt of 4.95m while Sandi Morris remained at 4.90m.

Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou was also present in the final (13th) as well as Miltos Tentoglou (10th) who jumped 8m. in mens LJ during the qualification.

Just for one place didnt reach the final Konstantinos Filippidis in mens PV and Michael Anastasakis in tmens HT.
Konstantinos Douvalidis reached the semifinals with a SB of 13.43 in the 110m hurdles qualification round.
Representing Cyprus, Milan Trajkovic made it to the final (8th). Apostolos Parellis placed 5th with a NR of 66.32m in mens DT.

For the first time, a mixed 4x400m relay (2 men and 2 women) took place in a major event, won by USA with a world record. Allyson Felix was part of this team as well of the womens 4x400m. team at qualifi.round and reached 13 golds in world championships.

Dalilah Muhammad (USA) set a world record in the 400m. hurdles with 52.16.
Amazing performances in the 4x100m, the USA with a national record of 37.10, the UK with a European record of 37.36 and Japan with an Asian record of 37.43.
A European record set Sifan Hassan (NED) in womens 1500m. with 3.51.95 and also doubled golds as she had won the 10.000m race before.

The mens shot put event was amazing. Kovacs (USA) won with 22.91m. and just 1 cm more than Crouser (USA) and Walsh (NZL). Naser (BRN) ran the 400m. in 48.14. Mihambo did 7,30m in womens LJ. Mahuchikh (UKR) did a WJR in womens HJ clearing 2,04m – winner was Lasitskene with same performance.

There were extremely difficult conditions due to heat and humiditity during the road races – which took place on midnight hours.

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