There are 12 greek meeting confirmed in EAA’s calendar for next season:

05/06 Kallithea International Jumping Meeting, Athens
08/06 Naxos Combined Events Meeting
09/06 Venizelia – Chania meeting (classic)
12/06 Filothei Women Gala, Athens (Special Premium)
19/06 Papaflessia, Kalamata
21/06 Athens Street Pole Vault (Special Premium)
20/07 Dromeia sprint & relay meeting, Vari
06/09 Sithonia throwing meeting, Nikiti-Halkidiki

greek grand-prix:
29/05 Edessa
03/07 Orestiko
10/07 Patras
17/07 Kavala

The greek national championships will be held on 27-28th of July, while the cypriot on 15-16th of June.

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Επόμενο άρθροΜε 12 meeting στο καλεντάρι της ΕΑΑ η Ελλάδα – προστέθηκαν και τα 4 γκραν πρι


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