The Greek indoor nationals were hosted in Peace and friendship Stadium the last couple days of February 2020
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Miltiadis Tentoglou reached 8.26 in his last attempt in mens LJ setting the best performance of the championshps.
Eleni Polak did a 4th attempt in womens PV at her opening height of 4.25 as a result of an objection – an athlete running first meters of her approach run parallel to her. Afterwards she cleared 4.60 and was close to 4.70.

The 17-years old Anastasia Dragomirova won the pentahlon performing a NU18R with 4081p while in HJ cleared 1.78 – setting also the U18 European champ. standard.
Polyniki Emanouilidou ran the womens 60m. during the premis in 7.52 and improved her NU18R.
Elli Deligianni set a NU20R in 800m running in 2.07.23.

Dimitris Tsiamis won the mens TJ for 14th time and 10th time in a row while Andreas Dimitrakis won the mens 1500m. for 11 time in a row. He also won the 3000m an did the double, such as Konstantina Giannopoulou who won 1500m and 800m.

Προηγούμενο άρθροΣΕΦ: Νταμπλ Δημητράκης – Γιαννοπούλου, ρεκόρ η Δεληγιάννη (+videoz)
Επόμενο άρθροΕλλην. παρουσίες σε εξωτερικό (i) 2020


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