26/03/2020 –
National Federation announced that no event will take place till end of April (at least) due to CoVid-19. If conditions will be well, the priority are the national championships to be held in August.

14/03/2020 –
The balkan walking race championships were held in Ukraine. Antigoni Drisbioti was 2nd in womens 20km in 1:30.25 setting the Olympic standard, while Penny Tsinopoulou was close following 3rd in 1:31.39. Olga Fiaska won the womens U20 10km in 47.38, just 1″ ahead of next two athletes, setting also the U20 WCh. standard.

13/3/2020 –
The Olympic Torch officially began its journey to Tokyo after the traditional flame lighting ceremony in Olympia, Greece, on 12/3. Unfortunally was cancelled the next day due to presence of many people in Sparta – as a protection action against coronavirus. The flame will pass Katerina Stefanidi to the Tokyo2020 organizers on 19/3 in Panathenaic Stadium.

09/03/2020 –
The Ahens Halfmarathon event will be postponed (from 22/3) due to coronavirus. Similar action is expected for all competitions in Greece for March & April at least.

27/02/2020 –
The greek Federation awarded athletes who earned medals in major competitions of 2019, plus those following that fans voted as top.
Seniors: Miltiadis Tentoglou & Katerina Stefanidi.
U20: Christos Frantzeskakis & Spyridoula Karydi.
U18: Ioannis Kariofyllis & Polyniki Emmanouilidou.

23/02/2020 –
The XC nationals were held in Trikala. Marios Anagnostou won mens 10km in 30.00 and Anastasia Karakatsani the womens 8km in 27.11, beating Marathon’s champions Gelaouzos and Petroulaki in each race.

21/02/2020 –
Konstantinos Filippidis won the Madrid’s indoor meeting clearing 5.60 in mens PV. Miltiadis Tentoglou was 2nd in mens LJ with 8.07. -after Echevarria’s 8.41. 

16/02/2020 –
At the second indoor meeting in Peace&Friendship Stadium in Athens, Andreas Antonakopoulos set a NU18R with 7.22 in mens LJ – setting also the U18 ECh standard. Anastasia Retsa cleared 4.07 in womens PV and Sotiris Chytas 5.10 in mens PV – that’s the U20 WCh standard in both cases.
-> Results.

16/02/2020 –
Anastasia Antonopoulou performed 24.31 at the girls 5km RW and Alexandros Mortzakis 45.26 at the boys 10km RW during Race Walking Festival in Patras and both achieved the U18 ECh standards.

15/02/2020 –
Konstantinos Zikos won with 6.66 the mens 60m at the balkan indoor championships in Istanbul. Irene Vasileiou achieved a PB with 52.93 in the Womens 400m and finished 2nd . Thodoris Chrysanthopoulos was 2nd with a PB 5.40 in mens PV. Second place also got Elisavet Pesiridoy with 8.20 in womens 60m hurdles.
-> Results.

14/02/2020 –
Konstantinos Douvalidis won at ISTAF Berlin the mens 60m hurdles with 7.67.

14/02/2020 –
Lykourgos Tsakonas, top class sprinter and 2nd all-time in Greece (after Kenteris) with 20.09 in mens 200m announces the end of his carreer at age of 30.

09/02/2020 –
Spyridoula Karydi won -again- gold medal at the balkan indoor U20 championships in Istanbul, with a PB(i) of 13.51 in womens TJ. Also gold for Eva Kotsacheili in womens PV with 3.90 and silver with same erformance for 17-years old Anastasia Retsa who did the U18 ECh standard.
-> Results.

09/02/2020 –
Mitiadis Tentoglou jumped 8.06 in mens LJ, Antigoni Drisbioti run a NR with 12.27.18 in womens 3000m RW, during indoor meeting in Peace&Friendship Stadium in Athens.
-> Results.

09/02/2020 –
Konstantinos Douvalidis set a NR in mens 60m hurdles, winning the meeting of Metz with 7.59 and improved his performance after 6 years.

31/01/2020 –
Miltiadis Tentoglou won the RaceArts meeting in Bochum with 8.07 in mens LJ, in his first competition of 2020.

24/01/2020 –
The 17-years old Anastasia Dragomirova did 4048p in girls heptathlon and threw a NU18R with 16.51 in SP(3k) in Istanbul.

19/01/2020 –
Helen Polak was over 4.65 in womens PV during -first of 2020- local indoor meeting in Athens. She is still 3rd all-time in Greece after Stefanidi & Kyriakopoulou.

18/01/2020 –
Nicholas Scarvelis set NR(i) with 20.38 in mens SP during Larry Wieczorek Invitational in Iowa.
Andreas Dimitrakis run a 3.59.22 in the mens mile in NY – also a NR(i) in a event that rarely greek athletes competing.

09/12/2019 –
George Pomaski was announced as the top trainer for 2019 in Greece, and Katerina Stefanidi the top female athlete, as greek journalists voted for.

06/12/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi will be candidate for the Athletes Commission of the International Olympic Committee.
The olympians of Tokyo2020 will vote there for 4 new members.

10/11/2019 –
Athens Authentic Marathon 2019 – Gkelaouzos and Petroulaki champions again

10/10/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi, Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou, Paraskevi Papachristou and Miltiadis Tentoglou, are on the top-level of the athletes’ support system of the Greek Federation.

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