On the 6th of October is the opening ceremony of the 3rd YOG in Buenos Aires, while the Athletics’ events are taking place from 11th to 16th of October, in 2 stages (of 3-days)
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The event started on 2010 in Singapore (when Chrysanthopoulos earned the only medal till now for Grecee) aiming “Bringing together talented young athletes aged 15 to 18 from over 200 countries around the world.
In Athletics, there will compete 16&17 years old athletes, qualified after the European U18 Championships (was a quota per event for each Continent based on latest great competition results)
There are 5 boys and 7 girls representing Greece (4 of them were medal winners too)

All athletes (16 per event) wil compete twice. In field events the final results will be the summary of both stages. In running events, there will be a qualif.round and 2 finals. In the 1500m, 3000m, 2000m steeple events, the athletes will compete in a cross country event too.

The greek team:


110m H.: Giannis Kamarinos (Olympiaki Domi)
PV: Antonis Santas (AO Filotheis)
HT: Thodoris Ziogas (GAS Nigritas “Visaltis”)
JT: Gerasimos Kalogerakis (OFI)
10.000m WR: Anthimos Kelepouris (Filippos Veroias)


800m.: Eleni Ioannidou (Filippos Veroias)
3.000m.: Vasileia Spyrou (Panionios GSS)
HJ: Panagiota Dosi (AO Kerkyra 2015)
TJ: Spyridoula Karydi (Kerkyraikos GS)
DT: Sofia Kesidi (Kentavros Chalkidikis)
HT: Stavroula Kosmidou (Aiolos Makedonias)
JT: Elina Tzengo (Kentavros Chalkidikis)
5.000m WR: Olga Fiaska (Athlokinisi Mytilinis)

Προηγούμενο άρθροΠρόταση τροποποίησης του αγωνιστικού συστήματος σε παμπαίδες/παγκορασίδες – Τι γίνεται στο εξωτερικό
Επόμενο άρθροΠανελλήνια επίδοση παγκορασίδων στο 80αρι η Εμμανουηλίδου, 3η στο Ριέτι – 5ος ο Κεμανετζίδης


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