The national U23 championships were held in Larisa.
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The 19-years old Christos Frantzeskakis had 5 throws over 70m and did 72,89m improving his PB and best performance of a junior athete with the 7,26k hammer.

In mens TJ, Dimitris Monopolis with 16,24m. and Nikos Andrikopoulos with 16.20m. set the Europ.U23 standard while Andreas Pantazis with 15,87m. the Europ.U20 standard.

Spyridoula Karydi won with a PB of 6,42m in the womens LJ and TJ with 13.64 – where Konstantina Romaiou did 13.24 and was just 1cm far from Gaevle’s standard.

Olympia Bekou in womens 100m-200m and Thanos Kalakos in mens 800m-1500m. they doubled once again.

Olympia Karagianni won the womens 400m. hurdles in 58.77 seting also the Europ.U23 standard while Anna Kiafa followed 0.04 after and missed it for just 0.01!

Thanasis Papadopoulos did 7.74m in mens LJ and set the Europ.U23 standard. Panagiotis Mantzourogiannis did 7,65m.

The 18-years old Daphne Lavasa run the womens 5000m. in 16.59.73 setting the (17min) Europ.U20 standard.

The 17-years old Sotiris Hitas cleared 5,20m. in mens PV – getting also the Europ. U20 standard- while Antonis Santas cleared 5,10m.

Chaos in women’s 4x400m relay where the first-leg girls run over 300m until stopped, after a …false gun-start.

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