15/11/2019 –
Kifissia GS, yet forr another year is on the top of the club rankings in Greece for the season. There are 340 clubs in total. (->rankings)

24/10/2019 –
Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou was 3rd at the CISM (Military World Games) throwing 58,27m in womens DT.

06/10/2019 –
World Championships – Bronze for Stefanidi

20/09/2019 –
World Championships – the greek team

10/09/2019 –
At “the Match” Europe vs USA, Greece was represented by 3 athletes.
The 2nd place took Miltiadis Tentoglou with 8,10m in mens LJ and Katerina Stefanidi with 4,75m. In the mens event, Kostas Filippidis was 4th with a SB of 5,75m.

06/09/2019 –
Stefanidi won once again the D.L. trophy

06/09/2019 –
The intenational throwing meeting “Sithonia” was held in Nikiti – Halkidiki.
-> results

03/09/2019 –
Balkan Championships – Standards and 6 golds in Pravets

30/08/2019 –
The 5th place took during the 1st Diamond League’s final in Zurich, Paraskevi Papachristou with 14,33m. in womens TJ as well as Miltadis Tentoglou with 8,10m. in mens LJ. Emmanouil Karalis was 13th in mens PV with 5,45m.

25/08/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi is among 15 candidates nominated for IAAF Athletes Commission. The elections for the Commission will be held as usual during World Champioships and there will be 6 members replaced after 4 years. The Athletes Comision has 18 members (6 of them pointed by IAAF)

25/08/2019 –
Cypriot Eleni Artymata ran in Madrid the 400m. in 51.34 setting the Olympic standard!

24/08/2019 –
There were 5 greek athletes participating at Paris’meeting – the 12th and last before the couple of DL finals. Katerina Stefanidi was 2nd with 4,75m. in womens PV. Emmanouil Karalis was 3rd in mens event (out of DL schedule) clearing 5,70m. while Filippidis was 7th with 5,45m. Imn 110m. hurdles B’ heat, Kostas Douvalidis did 13.52 (+2,1). Paraskevi Papachristou did not perform ell in womens TJ with 13,90 and placed 9th.

18/08/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi won the D.L. meeting in Birmingham clearing 4,75m in womens PV. It was her second win in 2019 series, aftre the opening meeting in Shanghai.

11/08/2019 –
ETCh, Bydgoszcz – 1st place for Tentoglou, Papachristou, Stefanidi

08/08/2019 –
The 33th meeting between Greece and Cyprus in ages U18 was held in Volos’ Panthessaliko Stadium. The greek relay 4x100m (Tragousti, Krimitsa, Papandreou, Emmanouilidou) smashed the girls NR running in 46.65. 

04/08/2019 –
The combined events national champioships were held in Thessaloniki. The 16-years old Anastasia Dragomirova performed U18 NR in girls heptathlon with 5892p but also in LJ with 6,35m. Th boyw Decathlon won Thanasis Paraskevas with 6768p. Men’s Decathlon won Aris Peristeris with 7107p and Womens Hepthathlon winner was Stella Tzikanoula with 5183p.

29/07/2019 –
ETCh, Superleague – the team of Hellas

28/07/2019 –
Greek Nationals – Top performance for Stefanidi, Filippidis unbeaten again, NJR for Dosi

27/07/2019 –
EYOF: well done in Baku

21/07/2019 –
Boras2019: Gold and NJR for Karydi – silver for Frantzeskakis

20/07/2019 –
Dromia international sprint meeting

17/07/2019 –
Konstantinos Filippidis won the intern. PV meeting in Jockgrim clearing 5,61m.

17/07/2019 –
The 4th -and last- greek grand-prix meeting was held in Kavala. Boftsis performed 16,55m in mens TJ where the Bulgarian Karaliev did 16,93m. Efthimia Kolokytha did 6,48m in womens LJ.

14/07/2019 –
The greek team won one gold -by Konstantinos Antonakopoulos in mens LJ- and 11 medals in total, during the balkan u18 championships in Constantinople. There was no entry from Cyprus.

14/07/2019 –
Gavle2019: gold by Tentoglou, silver by Karalis

11/07/2019 –
In the opening event one day before the Herculis meeting, at Monaco’s bay, Paraskevi Papachristou was 8th with 14,31m in womens TJ.

10/07/2019 –
At “Tofaleia” in Patras (3rd greek grand-prix meeting) Dimitris Tsiamis did SB 16,52m in mens TJ. Karkalatou ran 53.93 the womens 400m while 17-years old Elli Delligianni 2.08.76 the womens 800m. – close to NU18R.

10/07/2019 –
In the 2nd greek grand-prix meeting in Argos Orestiko, Cypriot Nektaria Panagi did 6,66m in womens LJ while Kolokytha 6,49m, Alexouli 6,32m and Galeni 6,19m. Ioanna Zakka did PB in womens HJ clearing 1,84m

08/07/2019 –
European U20 Championships – the greek team

07/07/2019 –
Konstantinos Filippidis won the Rottach-Egern’s PV meeting clearing 5,72m and became the 4th polevaulter (among Karalis and the ladies duo of Stefanidi & Kyriakopoulou) and and no.13 greek athlete setting Dohas entry standard.

06/07/2019 –
Greek U18 Nationals

05/07/2019 –
Miltos Tentoglou was 2nd (after Echevarria) with 8,19m in mens LJ while Paraskevi Papapachristou 6th with 14,51 in womens TJ in Athletissima -DL- meeting in Lausanne. Both improved their SB.

03/07/2019 –
A couple of gold medals for the greek team during the balkan u20 championships in Cluj. Noraya Johnson won the womens 400m and Ilse Logdanidou the Heptathlon. (-> results)

02/072019 –
Konstantinos Baniotis opened season with 2,19m in mens HJ in Marseille.

01/07/2019 –
European U23 Championships – the greek team

30/06/2019 –
Greek U23 Nationals

28/06/2019 –
European Games

27/06/2019 –
Maria Gatou after 2 years of not competing due to injury problems, ran the womens 100m. in 11.57 in Thiva, while the 20-years old Thanasis Gavelas who competes also in T12 paralympics category (visual impairment) did a pb of 10.86 in the men’s event.

EYOF – the greek team

25/06/2019 –
Athens street pole vault

23/06/2019 –
Greek U20 Nationals

19/06/2019 –
Papaflessia international meeting

16/06/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi was 4th at Rabat’s DL meeting clearing 4,67m in womens PV while Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou failed at 4,57m.

16/06/2019 –
The 17-years old Ioannis Granitsiotis ran the 200m in 21.35 and set a national youth record, after 42 years (was 21.38 by Antonis Georgallidis who now is the general secretary of the Cypriot Federation)

15/06/2019 –
The 17-years old Vasileia Spyrou won the 3000m at Bron (Lyon) in 9.30.62 improving her U18 National Record.

15/06/2019 –
Maria Belimpasaki won the womens 400m event in Samorin’s meeting, in 51.96.
Irene Vasiliou won the Samarsko Zname meeting in Stara Zagora, in 52.4 hand timing (the automatic timing didn’t respond)

15/06/2019 –
At the throwing meeting, the memorial for Kostas Spanidis, in Thessaloniki, Michael Anastasakis did 75,51m in mens HT. The 18-years old Stavroula Kosmidou threw 61,56m.
Sofia Kaisidou with 15,76m in womens Shot Put set the U23 standard. Also, Iason Machairas with 19,28μ. in 6k SP set the europ.U20 standard.

13/06/2019 –
Paraskevi Papachristou was 5th in womens TJ at the Bislett Games in Oslo with 14,34m. – and met the Tokyo2020 standard.

12/06/2019 –
Filothei Women Gala – the 20 years edition

09/06/2019 –
Aris Peristeris did 7357p in Decathlon, during Portarathlon international CE meeting in Naxos and set the europ.U23 standard, while Maria Zacharoudi was just 20p. close to Heptathlons standard as she did 5380p.

09/06/2019 –
Konstantinos Douvalidis was just 0.01sec far from Doha’s entry standard, with 13.47 in 110m hurdes, finishing 4th in Hengelo’s World Challenge meeting.

09/06/2019 –
Venizeleia – Chania international meeting

08/06/2019 –
During the Race Walking Challenge in La Corunia, Sophia Alikanioti did a PB of 1:40.10 in womens 20km event, setting the europ.U23 standard.

08/06/2019 –
At the Gouden Spike meeting in Leiden, Irene Michala ran the womens 10.000m. in 35.56.30, setting the europ.U23 standard.

08/06/2019 –
Dimitris Tsitsos won the U20 mens event in Jena’s javelin throw meeting with a PB of 72,91m.

08/06/2019 –
Konstantinos Filippidis won the Golden Roof Challenge in Innsbruck, clearing 5,61m. in mens PV.

06/06/2019 –
The greek Prime minister will dispose goverments air-jet for the transition of the national Athletics team to Mink, for the European Games (23-28/6), after a problem occured reserving airtickets.

05/06/2019 –
Kallithea’s international jumping meeting

02/06/2019 –
Elina Tzengko won the U20 womens JT event in “Wallesche Werfertage” meeting throwing 61,48m. – setting once again U20 NR and the 4th all-time (since 1999) performance for Greece.
Michael Anastasakis was 2nd -after Fajdek- in mens HT with 75,14m.

01/06/2019 –
At “Chimonidis memorial” in Thessaloniki, Anna Chatzipourgani ran 60.37 the womens 400m. hurdles setting -after 16 years- a U18 NR.

29/05/2019 –
The first greek grand-prix of the season was held in Edessa. The 17-years old Elina Tzengko threw 59,42m with the womens (600gr) javelin and set a new U20 national record.
Polyniki Emmanouilidou equaled her U18 NR in womens 100m. running 11.96.
Michael Papas ran the mens 400m. in 47.00 setting th europ.U23 standard.
In womens HJ, Despoina Maltabe was over 1,82m – europ.U23 standard- and Panagiota Dosi over 1,80m -europ.U20 standard.
The 16-years old Anastasia Dragomirova did 6,20m. in womens LJ.

29/05/2019 –
Ariadne Adamopoulou, in her first competition this year, was over 4,10m in womens PV at “Evaggelos Depastas memorial” in Schimatarari and set the European U20 standard.

27/05/2019 –
Αthletics Ranking Points Calculator App

26/05/2019 –
Rotations – When I throw, the Earth turns beneath my feet (blog by Nicholas Scarvelis)

26/05/2019 –
Alexandros Spyridonidis won the Decathlon event in NCAA’s division II championships, with 7426 points, geting the European U23 standard too (it s not recognised as PB due to the over 2m/” sum of the wind)
Stamatia Scarvelis threw 68.33m. in womens HT which was the best performance overall in East & West Preliminaries and qualified in DT too, for the NCAA finals (Austin, 5-8/6).
Giorgos Korakidis and Alexis Prodanas also quallified in the mens HT.

21/05/2019 –
DNA – the greek team for 2nd European Games

19/05/2019 –
Alexandros Papamichael with 3:56.19 in mens 50km RW and Aggeliki Makri with 4:29.15 in womens event, as well as Antigoni Drisbioti with 1:33.22 in womens 20km RW did the Doha2019 standard, during the European Race Walking Cup in Alytus.

18/05/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi won the Shanghai’s Diamond League meeting and Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou was in second place at womens pole vault, both clearied 4.72m.
“It is always hard to clear big heights off a shorterned run-up (12 steps) so early in the season but it is always nice to win. It did not fall in a good training week, hopefully my next competition will fall in a better part of the training cycle. I actually introduced a little skip at the start of my run up for the first time. I realised that it will help with the direction of my run up, so we made that adjustment.” said Stefanidi.
Miltiadis Tentoglou was 5th in mens LJ and Cypriot Milan Trajkoviv was 7th in 110m. hurdles.

11/05/2019 –
There were plenty of great performances at the throwing festival in Tripoli.
Christos Frantzeskakis set a U20 national record throwing 81.62m with the 6kg hammer. Konstantinos Zaltos threw 70.32m. and the 16years old Orestis Dousakis 66.96m. Michael Anastasakis won the men’s event in 74.53m.
The U20 europ.standard in javelin set Dimitris Tsitsos with 72m. and Margarita Tsoukala with 50.35 (has also 52.03m. this year)

10/05/2019 –
World U18 best by Tzengo in JT

25/04/2019 –
The 16years old Anastasia Dragomirova did 5718p. in Heptathlon(U18) and had a huge long jump of 6.44m., during the clubs combined events champs – North Division, in Thessaloniki.

24/04/2019 –
At the national 10.000m. champ. in Megara nearby Athens, Giorgos Tassis won in 30.09.12 at the final straight, less than a second ahead Cypriot Frangou and Marios Anagnostou – also like Tassis set the U23 Europ.ch. standard. Eleftheria Petroulaki won by far the womens race in 34.58.12.

20/04/2019 –
The Race walking balkan championships & national 20km RW champ. too were held in Alexandroupolis. Alexandros Papamichael in 1:24 and Panagiota Tsinopoulou in 1:34.55 won both competitions, while Kyriaki Filtisakou finished the juniors race of 10km in 48.03 setting the U20 Europ.ch. standard.

07/04/2019 –
Gloria Privilegio was 10th in Rotterdam’s gold label marathon setting also the Doha2019 standard with a PB 2:35.31

31/03/2019 –
The 7th series of “Run Greece” road runs started in Larisa where Marios Anagnostou did CR with 15.03 at the 5km race.

24/03/2019 –
The U23 national championship’s 20km walking races were held at Megara. Efstathia Kourkoutsaki won the womens event in 1:41.03 setting the U23 europ.standard, Giorgos Tzatzimakis won the mens event in 1:31.18. The Seniors champs as the balkan champs too will take place in Alexandroupoli on 20th of April.

23/03/2019 –
At the greek winter throwing cup in Thessaloniki, 3 female athletes set the U20 europ.standard: the 17years old Elina Tzengo with 56,94m. in javelin, Stavroula Kosmidou with 58,65m. in HT and Maria Magkoulia with 15,03m. in SP.

17/03/2019 –
During the Lugano Trophy walking meeting, the 20 years old Giorgos Tzatzimakis set the U23 europ.standard in 20km with 1:25.46, as well as Olga Fiaska the U18 europ.standard in 10km with 48.31.

17/03/2019 –
Panayiotis Karaiskos won the 8th Athens Halfmarathon, setting a new CR with 1:08.04, while Stefanie Leontiadis won easily the womens event in 1:20.43 (->Results)

05/03/2019 –
Glasgow2019 – Gold for Tentoglou, 5t place overall for Greece

20/02/2019 –
European Athletics indoor Champ. – The greek team

16/02/2019 –
Balkan Indoor Championships – Polak won gold as well as Artymata

16/02/2019 –
Nikol Kyriakopoulou cleared 4,81m. =PB in Birmingham’s meeting and took 3rd place in womens PV after Bradshow & Nageotte – both had same performance, while Stefanidi was 4th with 4,71m. Cypriot Milan Trajkovic was 3rd in mens 60m hurldles running 7.54 =SB

10/02/2019 –
Greek indoor Nationals – Jumping tradition continues

10/02/2019 –
Spyridoula Karydi earned gold at womens TJ with 13,25m and silver at LJ with 6,10m during the Balkan Indoor U20 Championships in Istanbul. 

08/02/2019 –
During Madrid’s meeting (3rd of WIT series) Miltiadis Tentoglou won men’s LJ in 8.23m. equal to Tsatoumas’ NR, exactly 5 years after. Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou cleared 4.74m and took 2nd place in womens PV – Sidorova did WL 4.91m.

02/02/2019 –
The 20 years old Emmanouil Karalis cleared 5,75m. in Mondeville’s meeting, winning mens PV and also setting the Glasgow2019 standard.

02//02/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi cleared 4,71m. in Karlsruhe’s meeting and won the womens PV event, actually equal to Anzhelika Sidorova and Alysha Newman. Nikol Kyriakopoulou opened season clearing 4,63m. (and setting easily the Glasgow2019 standard)

01/02/2019 –
Tatiana Gusin cleared 1,92m. at Val de Reuil’s meeting setting PB and Glasgow2019 standard in womens HJ. Konstantinos Douvalidis became the 10th greek achieving standard, running 7.75 in mens hurdles qualis – while Cypriot Milan Trajkovic was 2nd in final in 7.64.

27/01/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi was 2nd at Boston meeting (opener of Worlds Indoor Tour 2019) clearing 4,71m. – while Nageotte won with 4,86m.

26/01/2019 –
Konstantinos Baniotis set the Glasgow2019 standard, as he was over 2,26m at Hustopece’s HJ meeting.

25/01/2019 –
Antonis Santas with 5,30m in mens PV and Spyridoula Karydi with 13.08 in womens TJ set the Boras2019 standards, during indoor meeting in Piraeus. The Glasgow2019 standards succeed in 60m. three men (Zikos, Trivizas, Nifantopoulos) and one woman (Spanoudaki) athlete (plus Cupriots Hadjitheori and Andreou). Polyniki Emmanouilidou set once again U18 NR running in 7.54.

19/01/2019 –
U23 Mediterranean Games – 3 gold medals for Greece

19/01/2019 –
Katerina Stefanidi won the PoleVault Summin in Reno, clearing 4,74m. – her best opener performance.

12/01/2019 –
Konstantinos Filippidis opened season in Orleans, clearing 5.65m and setting Glasgow2019 standard in mens PV.

06/12/2018 –
Ramil Guliyev and Paraskeui (Voula) Papachristou were named Balkan athletes of the year during the gala of the Association of the Balkan Athletics Federation.

06/12/2018 –
Sir Sebastian Coe – chairman of the IAAF visited Greece’s capital Athens, where he had the chance to go and see the Kallimarmaron stadium. Shortly after that he paid a visit to the President of the Hellenic Republic and then contacted the inauguration of the Balkanic athletics museum.

04/12/2018 –
Emmanouil Karalis was honored for his WR performance alongside all the other junior and senior athletes that had the same achievement, during the IAAF gala at Monaco. Eliud Kilchoge and Caterine Ibarguen were named athletes of the year, whereas whereas Armand Duplantis and Sydney Mclaughlin won rising star awards. Elissavet Pesiridou’s photo lying after a fall was among the final nominees for the best picture.

Athens Authentic Marathon 2018

Iakovakis remains as Chair of the EAA’s Athletes Committee

Last year’s winner Katerina Stefanidi was again in top-3 athletes of Europe.
The Golden Tracks awards in Lausanne won Dina Asher-Smith and Kevin Mayer – who asked for women’s Decathlon.
Elvira Herman and both Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Armand Duplantis named as the rising stars.

12 greek meetings includes EAA’s calendar

Youth Olympic Games – Gold & NR for Tzengo

Youth Olympic Games – the greek team

Προηγούμενο άρθροΌρια Ευρωπαικού Π/Κ 2021 (26-29/8 , Rieti)
Επόμενο άρθροΟ ΓΣ Κηφισιάς στην κορυφή για το 2019


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