The international jumping meeting was held in Kallithea of Athens.


Antonis Merlos jumped over 2,18m. in mens HJ getting the europ.U23 standard. The winner was the Belarusian jumper Andrei Skabeika with a jump of 2.22m.
In womens event where Simic (CRO) won clearing 1,90m., Tatiana Gusin was over -her height of- 1,88m. and 18-years old Panagiota Dosi did 1,82m.

Another 18-years old from Corfu, Spyridoula Karydi jumped PB of 13,62m. in her last attempt in womens TJ while Nachova (BUL) had 13,56m.
In womens LJ Paraskevi Papachristou did 6,49m. and Lili Alexouli 6,38m.
Michalis Mertzanidis won the mens LJ in 7,78m. while Tsonov (BUL) the TJ in 16,80m.

Eleni Polak cleared 4,41m. in womens PV
In mens PV, the winners were Philippe Collet’s sons, the 20-years old Thibaut with 5,61m. and Mathieu with 5,55m. – awarded from Konstantinos Filippidis.

The intern.meeting attended European LJ record holder -and president of Armenian Federation- mr.Robert Emmiyan, ABAF’s president mr. Dobromir Karamarinov, secretary general of Cypriot Feeration mr. Antonis Georgallidis., Greek’s Federation vice president and EAA’s council member mr. Panagiotis Dimakos.

Προηγούμενο άρθροΚαλλιθέα: Καλά άλματα Παπαχρήστου και Γκούσιν, όριο ο Μέρλος, ατομικό η Καρύδη
Επόμενο άρθροΑπό τα δίδυμα του Harting, στο πρωτάθλημα Γερμανίας


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