Greece earned 7 gold medals and 13 in total at the track and field events during the World Gymnasiade in Marrakech and took the 2nd place after the host-country of Morocco
-> Results – Greek&Cypriot athletes

Giannis Granitsiotis ran an impressive 10.44 in semis and won easily the boy’s 100m in 10.57.
Milena Postika cleared 4m in girl’s PV while Antonis Santas did 4,70m. in boy’s event
Elina Tzengo threw 53,32m. in girl’s javelin.
Sofia Kessidi won the girl’s discus with 44,55m., Spyridoula Karydi jumped 12,80m in girl’s TJ and Panagiota Dosi cleared 1,77m. in girl’s HJ

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