The European U20 championships (following the U23) were also held in Sweden, iat Boras (the birthtown of Klueft) on 17-21th of July.
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Greece was in 13th place of medal table with 1 gold and 4 medals in total. 11 athletes from the greek team made it to the finals.

Spyridoula Karydi won the womens TJ with an excellant performance, improving 14cm the NJR with 14,00m. The previous record was standing since 2008 by Paraskevi Papachristou.

Silver medal for Christos Frantzeskakis who threw 84,22m in mens HT (6kg) improving over 2,5 his NJR. It woulb be also a EJR but some minutes before the Ukranian Myhaylo Kokhan did 84,73m.

Bronze medals earned Andreas Pantazis in mens TJ with 16,08m. and Dimitris Tsitsos in mens JV with 77,79m., both PB.
Elina Tzengko who suffered last weeks due an injury, was 4th in womens JT with 53,99m.

Kyriaki Filtisakou was 5th in womens RW after a mistake as she stopped 1 round before finish (was 2nd together with the 3rd athete then) and later on understood she had to continue. Olga Fiaska who had to stop for 1min in pit-lane finished 8th.

Also, 5th place for Antonis Santas with 5,21m. in mens PV and Stavroula Kosmidou with 60,87m in womens HT. Panagiota Dosi was 7th in womens HJ with PB 1,84m

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