The Continental Cup is taking place in Ostrava on Sat.8 & Sunday 9/9
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There will be 4 teams, each one lead by a famous ex-champion:
Europe – Colin Jackson
America – Mike Powell
Africa – Nezha Bidouane
Asia/Pasific – Jana Pittman

For the team Europe, there will be 3 greek athletes competing, all them winers at the European Championships:
LJ (M) Miltiadis Tentoglou
TJ (W) Paraskevi Papachristou
PV (W) Katerina Stefanidi

Only once in the past a greek athlete had won an event of the Continental Cup and happened in 1998 by Olga Vasdeki at women’s TJ
The Continental Cup started 1977 in Duesseldorf (as “World Cup). In 1995 M.Koch performed a great WR with 47.60 in the 400m. and GDR’s relay team finished in 41.37 (WR back then, but still ER).
In 2006, Athens was the city that hosted the competition. From 2010 on the Continenal Cup has its current form with the 4 teams competing each other.

This time there will be a 4x400m. mixed relay. There will be no 5000m. event and there are specific rules for throws and horizontal jumps, and elimination rounds during 3000m & steeple.

Προηγούμενο άρθροΜε τη χρυσή τριάδα στην Οστράβα – το Διηπειρωτικό το Σ/Κ
Επόμενο άρθροΔιηπειρωτικό κύπελλο (Ostrava)


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