Greece won 3 gold medals -while Cyprus 1- during the Balkan Indoor Championships in Istanbul.
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17 year old Dosi have passed all heights, from 1,70m. to 1,83m, on her first attempt setting a new NR not only for youth, but for juniors as well, previously held by Maroula Papageorgiou, since 1996 (equaled by Gousin in 2013)

The athlete from the island of Kerkyra said: “I am very happy for the new NR. It was something I was waiting to achieve! My goal from now on is to be stable in big heights and participate in all the big competitions.”

Dosi was 4th in the event, where Simic was the winner with 1,92m, while Demireva missed all of her attempts on the starting height.

Kostas Baniotis won men’s high jump with 2,22m. After he tried on 2,30m but failed to pass – most probable that he will also compete in the meeting.
Cypriot Vasilis Konstantinou was 2nd with 2,18m.

Nikol Kyriakopoulou started with a successful jump in 4,40m, passed on her 3rd attempt the 4,50m, but failed to pass 4,66m.
Second place was also Greek, with Eleni Polak taking the silver with 4,30m. She then tried for a PB at 4,45m, height that failed to pass

Another two Greek that amde it to the podium in the same event wasm Makis Stergioulis with 6.71 and Kostas Zikos with 6.72, while the Turk Emre Zafer Barnes was the winner (he was competing for Jamaica until 2016)

Maria Belimpasaki also competed and on the 6th lane with a fast pass at 24” won the 400m in 53.29

Elisavet Pesirido was 3rd in 100m hurdles with 8.21

Nicolas Scarvelis threw the shot over 20m in his last attempt and with 20,15m took the 3rd place.

Konstantina Giannopoulou was 2nd in the 800m improving her personal best finishing in 2.06.04

In 1500m, Amin Hatiri from Cyprus (originated from Morocco) lead the race in the final 250m finishing first

Apart from Konstantinou, silver medal for Cyprus took Nikandros Stylianou with 5,25m in pole vault.

Natalia Evangelidou and Christos Dimitriou, both took bronze with in 1500m and 800m respectively. Dimitriou who had recently set a new NR, was in the same heat with Tuka.

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