On a sunny day, near 55.000 runner took part in the events of the 36th Athen’s Authentic Marathon.

-> Results

In the national championship held in parallel, Kostas Gelaouzos (Panathinaikos) defended his title by making a personal best, while in women Eleftheria Petroulaki (AG Mykonos) in her first presence in the competition was the winner. Both had also won the half-marathon in spring.

The Kenyan Brimin Kipkorir Misoi, who had been in the way for a record for a long time (2:10’37 by Kandie Kipchirchir since 2014), finally finished third at the Panathinaiko Stadium at 2:10.56 (1″ slower than Baldini’s time at the Olympics)

Kostas Gelaouzos took the lead after the second half of the race and finished 7th overall in 2:21.54, improving by 2″ his performance that made in spring of 2016 in Dusseldorf. Right before the end of the race Christophoros Merousis went a few meters ahead of his co-athlete Panagiotis Karaiskos, who make a new personal best, while in the 4th place was Dimitris Theodorakakos.

In women’s race, the Kenyan Muriuki Shelmith Nyawira finished first in 2:36.46 and Eleftheria Petroulaki in 2:46.09.
Stefania Leontiadou who had a magnificent race 2 months ago in Berlin, took the sencond place, leaving Foteini Dagli in the 3rd place, the same as last year.

The 10.00m. champion George Tassis left the pack in the end of the race to win in 30.29 with a new race record, leaving his co-athlete Christos Kallias, who did 30.40 in the second place. The previous race record was Kallias’ and was set last year with 30.50. The 3rd place was taken by the 19-year old Nikos Sakis leaving a few meters behind Kostas Stamoulis.

This year’s top marrathon runner Gloria Priviletzio (ran 2:38:39 a couple of months ago in Berlin) was the winner in the 10km with 35.23, having her co-athlete Anastasia Karakatsani following.
Glykeria Skarkou impressed the world one more time, running for her first time the 10km in 37.41! She was 5th overall and the 3rd Greek.

In the 5km, Andreas Dimitrakis was the winner with a new race record 14.47 (improving by 2″ Kallias record) and the 19-year old Marios Anagnostou in the 2nd place.

In women’s event, there was a big race, with Anthi Kyriakopoulou winning the race with a few meters difference leaving the 17-year old Dafni Lavasa and Zoi Andrikopoulou in the 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
In evening’s event the Czech Moira Stewartova finished in 16.41.

For the second consecutive time, the 3km race with the athletes of Run Greece was held.
Aurel Giura and Isabella Kotsacheilli (like last year) were the winners of the race.

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A minute of silence took place before the flame of the cauldron to commemorate the memory of the 99 dead of this summer tragedy by the fires.
Concerning the natural disaster, this was obvious from the 12th to the 16th kilometer.
The federation had organized a special movement with the name “Runners Forest” in order to help restoring the fauna. Many athletes were holding and raising high a green scarf, while a lot of the local residents were cheering and holding boards with various messages and black balloons.
Right before the first marathon runners cross the finish line, there was the first announcement of the Marathon Hymn with the title “We have won” and composer George Theofanous, played by the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT.

The 100 years of independence were celebrated that day in Poland and there were a lot of polish runners attending the race.
There was also a special ceremony for the first three Polish athletes!

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