Katerina Stefanidi won the women’s PV at the Diamond League’s final in Zurich, for the third time in a row.
She started at 4,67m -where Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou failed and placed 6th with 4,57m.- then 4,77m. in her second attempt and 4,82m in first one.

Stefanidi cleared 4,87m. improving her SB by 2cm. Sandi Morris had one failed attempt, while none of them passed the 4,92m height.
While Stefanidi was celebrating her win, Sandi Morris had a wedding proposal from her fiancee!

Seb Coe gave the diamond trophies to all winners one-by-one and Stefanidi was the last one of the presentation and took a place at the very front edge of the diamond podium.

Konstantinos Filippidis was 8th at mens final in Brusells, while Morgunov won by 5,93m.

Christian Coleman won the 100m. in 9.79.
Selemon Barega won the 12.43.02 performing a WJR.
Conseslus Kipruto won the mens steeplechase running most part of the race with only one shoe!

Προηγούμενο άρθροZurich: Νίκη χωρίς παπούτσι ο Kipruto, δυνατοί Walsh, Hofmann, ασυναγώνιστοι Lyles, Semenya
Επόμενο άρθροBrussels: Δυνατές κούρσες με πρωταγωνιστές Coleman, Barega και Chepkoech. Στοπ στα σερι Perkovic, Taylor


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