In a couple of 3-days stages, where all athletes competed twice, were held the Athletics events of the 3rd Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.
The final placing was a result of the summary of their performances (or their places for long races combined with an XC event)

-> Results

Elina Tzengo impressed throwing 63,34m. which is a NR in girls’ javelin and 61,74m. in the second stage and was by far the winner.

Olga Fiaska earned the bronze medal in girls 5000m walking race.

Highlights of the games was girls HJ, where Mahuchikh (UKR) cleared 1,95m. without any failed attempt. Kokhan (UKR) threw 85,97m in boys’HT and Diaz (CUB) jumped 17,14m. in boys’ TJ.

Next competition is scheduled for 2022 in Dakar.

Προηγούμενο άρθροBuenos Aires – Χρυσό η Τζένγκο, χάλκινο η Φιάσκα
Επόμενο άρθροRun in Lagadas – το 10άρι του Λαγκαδά για 3η χρονιά – 21/10/2018


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