The 2nd European Games will be held in Minsk, capital of Belarus, late of Juny. The “Dynamic New Athletics” events are scheduled for 23.6 – 1st round, 25-26.6 -quarter&semis and 28.6 – final match.

There are 8 main events and the earned points will provide advantage at the last mixed medley relay “hunt” event which will determine the final ranking in every match.

The events and the greek team

  • 100m. M: Ioannis Nyfantopoulos 
  • LJ W: Efthymia Kolokytha  
  • JT W: Sofia Yfantidou
  • 100m. W: Rafaela Spanoudaki 
  • 4x400m. mixed: 
    Antonis Alexandridis, Panagiotis Trivyzas & Despoina Mourta, Elpida Karkalatou. 
  • 110m. H.: Konstantinos Douvalidis
  • HJ M: Antonis Merlos
  • 100m. H.: Kleio Santa 
  • The Hunt (Pursuit Race) – Mixed Medley Relay of 800m. M – 600m. W – 400m. M – 200m. W: Christos Kotitsas, Konstantina Giannopoulou, Konstantinos Nakos, Grigoria Keramida 
  • subst.: 
    Kostas Vasilakis, Michalis Kiafas, Alexandros Peristeris & Alana Bern, Korina Politi, Kyriaki Samani

The system

Based on previous European Team Championships rankings, there were 30 teams asked and 24 confirmed and placed in 4 groups of 6 teams through zigzag distribution.

Match A: Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Cyprus.
Match B: Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia.
Match C: France, Italy, Russia (ANA), Romania, Estonia, Slovenia.
Match D: Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Denmark

Each match will last about 2 hours . At each event the winner takes 12p. and then 10p.-8p.-6p.-4p.-2p.
At LJ, JT, HJ will be two subgroups with head-to-head attempts and one more between the 1st-2nd-3rd of each subgroup. At HJ, before each round, the athlete choose the preffered height of the bar, without knowing opponents decision.

The team scoring after the 8 main events will determine the starting positions of the lastone – the Hunt where a “time-gap” will apply – 1 sec every 3 points. Gates will be used to indicate to each team its starting time (i.e. clock and lights).

Η κατάταξη στη σκυτάλη θα καθορίσει και την τελική κατάταξη.

The group winners and the 2 best seconds (based on main 8 events scoring) will be directly to semis of 26.6. The previous day will take place 3 quarter finals competing all rest teams.
The first 3 teams of each semifinal will qualify to the Final of 28/6.

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