The national U18 championships were held in Trikala under very warm conditions – and rain at the end of the competition.
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In mens HT (5kg) Thodoris Ziogas did PB and CR with 78,08m. while Dusakis threw 75.25m. and Polychroniou 72.80m.

Sofia Kesidi did PB with 48.92m in womens DT, also Konstantinos Bouzakis in mens DT (1,5kg) and Konstantinos Gennikis with 18,79m in mens SP (5kg)

Milena Postika cleared 4,00m. in womens PV while in mens event Sotiris Chytas cleared 5,21m setting PB and CR, as also did Vasileia Spyrou with 4.27.21 in womens 1500m. 

Polyniki Emmanouilidou ran once again the womens 100m under 12, setting CR with 11.99. Granitsiotis won mens event in 10.77 (10.71 in qualis).
Giannis Kariofyllis ran 21.47 the mens 200m.

The 15-years old Kouloumenta won womens HJ in 1,74m, while 16-years old Anastasia Dragomirova won the womens LJ in 6,09m.

Double for Sakses Alerou (mens 400-800m), Nikos Stamoulis (mens 1500-3000m) and Kassandra Dervisi (womens steeple – 3000m.)

Προηγούμενο άρθροΠαγκύπριοι Π/Κ: 3 ακόμα επιδόσεις αγώνων – 7 τα νταμπλ – ΓΣΠ και ΓΣΟ οι πρωταθλητές
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