The 20-years edition of the international meeting “Filothei Women Gala” was held on Wednesday 12th of June in Athens.
It is a special meeting belonging to category C of IAAF rankings.

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The wind was the whole time 2m/”negative for all events and didnt allow hogh-level pergormances.

Katerina Stefanidi was over 4.73m. and improved her SB in PV.

Tatiana Gusin cleares 1,88m = SB, and wins the event.
The daughters of two great high-jumpers and friends, Papakostas & Topic, also competed.

Rafaella Spanoudaki ran the 100m in 11.64 while the 16-years old Polynikiki Emmanouilidou did 12.04.

Προηγούμενο άρθροFilothei Women Gala 12.6.2019
Επόμενο άρθροFilothei Women Gala: για 20η φορά, αθλητική γιορτή με άρωμα γυναίκας – τα χάλασε ο άνεμος


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