The 72th Balkan Athletics Championships were held in Pravets on 2.-3.9.2019.

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Greece had 6 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. As a total Greece was 2nd in medal table, after Ukrain. Cyprus was 7th, with 2-2-2, in overall 19 countries (ABAF has 20 members now, some of them not much related to the balkan Peninsula)

There were 3 greek athletes setting the Doha’s standard:

The 19-yeers old Christos Frantzeskakis threw 76,67m. in mens HT (best performance for U20 athlete) and became the 5th all-time Greek, while Michalis Anastasakis who already got the standard was 2nd with 75,32m.

Stamatia Scarvelis threw 71,33m. in womens HT improving over 2m her PB and became the 2nd all-time-Greek, since 1998 when the event started for womens too.

Irene Vasileiou, a few days after setting PB in 200m. with 23.31, won the womens 400m. in 51.75. just 0.02 ahead of Cypriot Eleni Artymata, and became the 3rd all-time Greek.

Rafaela Spanoudaki was 3rd in 200m. running a PB of 23.15 (remais 4th all-time Greek) which -although not better than the standard- almost secures her a qualification via performance to Doha. Ivet Lalova won the event in 22.45, the best female performance of the games, while Artymata was 2nd in 22.97 running after 7 years again under 23″.

Except Frantzeskakis, Scarveli, Vasileiou, a gold medal earned also Paraskevi Papachristou with 14,24m. in womens TJ, Elisavet Pesiridou with SB 13.11 in 100m. hurdles and Emmanoyil Karalis with CR 5,66m. in mens PV, setting also the best male performance of the competition.

For Cyprus, gold medal earned Natalia Evaggelidou in 1500m. (was also 3rd in 800m) and Elvis Kryoukov in Decathlon.

Προηγούμενο άρθροPravets: Με το ένα πόδι Doha και η Σπανουδάκη – σούπερ Αρτυματά, Lalova στα 200μ.
Επόμενο άρθροPravets: 2η η Ελλάδα με καλή παρουσία στο βαλκανικό – 2 χρυσά η Κύπρος


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