Greece was 2nd (2-3-2) at boys and 3rd at girls (2-5-3) medal table at Balkan U18 Championships in Istanbul
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Spyridoula Karydi did 6, womens LJ setting a U18 NR and got both records and standards in TJ & LJ.

Giannis Kariofyllis ran in 10.73 the mens 100m during qualis – but the wind was +2,1 so he didnt set the European U18 Champ. standard.
Gerasimos Kalogerakis was just 1cm far from it, as he threw 68,49m. in mens JT.
Margarita Tsoukala threw PB 51,18m in womens JT and got the standard at this event too (7thlon)

Gold medals won Galip Faikoglou in mens LG with 7,15m-w, Stavroula Kosmidou in womens HT with 64,09m, Elli Deligianni in womens 400m with 56.27, Vasilis Arvanitis in mens 110m H with 14.25
Both 4x100m relay teams finished 2nd

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Επόμενο άρθροStockholm: Καλή εμφάνιση Τεντόγλου, μεγάλο άλμα Echevarria. Ξεχώρισαν McNeal, Samba, Dacres


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