The 32th national indoor championships were held at Peace&Friendship Stadium on 11-12th of February.

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Emmanouel Karalis set a World Juniors Indoor record winning the men’s pole vault with 5,78m.

Maria Belibasaki ran the 400m. in 52.28 (at the qualif.round) setting the WICh standard, and won the event in 52.62 and also the 200m. in 23.02 and became the all-time second best greek athlete in both events.

Rafaela Spanoudaki won the women’s 60m in 7.29, setting exactly the WICh standard. The 15 years old Despoina Roumelioti ran in 7.84.

Milan Trajkovic, out of competition, set a new Cypriot NR in 60m. hurdles running in 7.55
Konstantinos Douvalidis set the WICh standard following but winning in 7.69
Elissavet Pesiridou won the women’s event in 8.11 achieving also the standard.

Nicolas Scarvelis threw 19,82μ. at men’s shot put while Kyriakos Zotos PBed with 19,59m.

Daphne Lavasa improved her U18 nat.record running the women’s 3000m. in 9.58.64.

Dimitris Tsiamis won for 12th time thwe men’s TJ. Another win for Andreas Dimitrakis, his 9th straight in 1500m.
A double did not only Belibaki but also Andreas Dimitrakis and Konstantina Giannopoulou winning the 800m. & 1500m.

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