The European U23 championships were held in Gaevle – Sweden, 11-14th of July.
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Greece had a gold (the 12th in 12 competitions) and a silver (the 25th medal in total) and ranked 11th at the medal table (authorised neutral athletes not included)

Miltiadis Tentoglou (athlete of GS Kifissia trained by George Pomaski) was leading the mens LJ from the beginning on, having his first attempt at 8.22m. – SB and standard for Tokyo2020.
After a failed jump he continued with all atempts over 8m: 8.05m, 8.20m, 8.25m. and finished with the biggest one 8.32m.

It was a EL and PB, 3rd ever in Greece (after Tsatoumas 8,66m and Koukodimos 8,36m) but still 8,38m indoors winning EiCh. Glasgow2019. We has also silver at the World U20 of 2016, gold at the European U20of 2017, gold at the European Championships Berlin2018.

Emmanouil Karalis was 2nd in mens PV, clearing 5,60m. in his first attempt – after a failed one at 5,50m. At 5,65m. only Lita-Baehre did it, while Guttormsen failed at his remaining attempt. Both Karalis and Collet didnt pass twice and tried once more at 5,70m without success.

Karalis has won the 1st European U18 champs, in 2016 (while Lita-Baehre was 2nd then). and was 3rd in the World U18 of 2015 (where the winner was Duplantis -who didnt take part in Gavle).

There were 2 more qualifications to the finals, by Odysseas Mouzenidis (7th in mens SP) and Antonis Merlos (9th in mens HJ).

Sofia Alikanioti was 7th in womens 20km walking race in 1:39.11, and Kourkoutsaki placed 13th, wlile Tzatimakis after 5km in the mens race.

Marios Anagnostou did PB -and best performance of the last 15 years in Greece- with 29.36.64 in mens 10.000m. He paced 8th while Michala was 17th in womens event in 35.39.98.

Sotiris Garaganis and Konstantinos Zikos made it to the semis in mens 100m as well as Olympia Karagianni in womens 400m hurdles.
Aris Peristeris was 12th in Decathlon.

There was a double Cypriot presence at the last event of the championships, the mens DT final, where Genethli was 7th and Koniarakis 12th.

Προηγούμενο άρθροGaevle: Φινάλε με δίσκο, 7ος ο Γενεθλή – Στη 12αδα η Ελλάδα, 1η η Γερμανία
Επόμενο άρθροΠανελλήνιο πρωτ. ΠΠ/ΠΚ (Καβάλα & Χαλκίδα) 13-14.7.2019


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