The EYOF was held for 15th time, in Baku from 21 to 27th of July
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The greek girls relay team (100-200-300-400m) with Papandreou, Emmanouilidou, Chatzipourgani, Konstantinidou finished 2nd in 2.09.16.

Anastasia Dragomirova was 3rd in girls Hepthathlon with a summary of 5817p.
(14.37 – 1,71 – 16,06 – 25.64 – 6,00w – 46,10 – 2.35.36) setting a great NU18R.

Anna Hatzipourgani improved her NU18R running the 400m hurdles in 59.89 and took the 4th place.

Polyniki Emmanouilidou ran during the qualis the 100m. in 11.85 but the results were cancelled (a recall was not perceptible) and the race was repeated afternoons. Then she did 11.94 improving her NU18R and at the final was 5th in 11.96.

Kessidi threw PB 49,64 in girls DT and was 4th, Konstantinidou ran the 400m. in PB 54.89 and was 5th.

Cypriot Grigoris Nikolaou won the gold medal in boys TJ with 15,45m while Styliana Ioannidou was 3rd in girls HJ with 1,80m. Both were PB for the 16-years old athletes.

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