The greek team was 2nd at the medal table with 4-2-1 while Romania was first at the Balkan U20 indoor champ in Sofia
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Three athletes who have been making a few PB this year, continue to impress following the same pattern.

Odysseas Mouzenidis threw the 6-kilo shot in 20,58m – from 20,11m that had recently achieved. In the 4th placea was the Cypriot George Koniarakis with 18,04m.

The youth Spyridoula Karydi improved the best performance in her category in triple jump from 12,68m, initially to 12,70m. and then to 12,97m and was 2nd in the event. She also participated in long jump where she was 3rd with a jump at 5,94m.

The youth Giannis Granitsiotis in the preliminaries of the 60m, finished in 6.85, equalizing the national record. Unfortunately he disqualified in the finals. There, Sotiris Garaganis finished 2nd thin 6.90.

The first place took Panagiotis Mantzourogiannis in long jump with 7,69m, Maria Magoulia in shot put with 15,02m and the youth Panagiota Dosi in high jump with 1,79m, while the Cypriot Despoina Charalampous jumped 1,65m.

The forth place in hurdles, took Daphni Georgiou with 8.57 / prelim. 8.55

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