Ostrava – Stefanidi, Tentoglou, Papachristou represented Team Europe

Stefanidi won Diamond League for 3rd time in a row

Berlin – 6 medals for Greece

Stara Zagora – 2nd place for the greek team

Katerina Stefanidi came 2nd at the “Herculis” meeting in Monaco – the 10th of Diamond League series.
Stefanidi succeeded in passing all heights till 4,80m. in her first attempt, and then tried twice at 4,85m. and once at 4,90m.
The Russian Anzhelika Sidorova won by clearing 4,85m. Amongst the notables of the competition was the increased performance in pole vault, since there were 8 athletes over 4,75m.!
“I would have loved coming back here and win but it was a great field with 4 girls over 80. I think the wind didnt help because we did the warm up in perfect conditions, i thought at that point that the world record would be broken but then it switched a bit and I think it handicapped a few girls. Im really looking forwrad to Berlin, the DL final and the Continental Cup. I alos think i can break the 5m this year.
My injury pushed back a bit my expectations but let’s see. I still think that medlas are more important as I get to bring them home so of course my eyes are first on the Championships but lets see for the 5m”
The 27-years old Beatrice Chepkoech from Kenya set a new WR running the women’s 3000m. steeplechase in 8.44.32

Cypriot Eleni Artymata improved her 400m NR running in 51.14 at Bellinzona’s meeting

Balkan Championships – The greek team

Greek national Championships 2018

Tampere – gold by Merlos, bronze with NJR by Mouzenidis

Kostas Douvalidis ran the 110m hurdles in 13.50 in Luzern’s Spitzen Leichtathletik meeting and made the standard for the EUropean Championships. A championship that he will compete for 5th time in a row.
Cypriot Milan Trajkovic who was running next to him was 4th with 13.37.

The national CE champs (all categories) took place in Thesssaloniki
-> Results

Sofia Yfantidou won for 5th time in a row με 5672p. Alexandros Spyridonidis won the men’s event
The 15years-old Anastasia Dragomirova won U18 Heptathlon with 5401p. (would als be a NR but Dragomirova still not got the greek citizenship)
Vasilis Boutsioukis won U18 Decathlon with NR 6779p

Gyor – 4 medals for Greece

One week before the National Champs in Patras, Maria Belibasaki set a new PB running the women’s 400m in 51.14 in “Tofaleia” meeting – and became 2nd Greek of all-time.
The 22years-old Despoina Mourta folllowed with a new PB also, finishing in 53.12, making th standard for the European Championships.
Irene Vasileiou announced pulling out of Nationals due to injury problem.

Katerina Stefanidi won the “Athletissima” meeting in Lausanne as she cleared 4,82m improving her SB and EL
“All I can say is I am happy to be pole vaulting again. It started in Athens at the Street Pole Vault. But the stadium event is where you prove it to yourself and others that you are back.
I suffered a bit with injuries at the start of the season. I am grateful to me team who really helped me recover well. I am going to take one step at a time, I am competing in Monaco next.
Thereafter I will prepare for Berlin. Sidorova is a major challenger in Berlin and I am looking forward to competing in the historic Olympic stadium”
Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou was 9th clearing 4,52m.

Tarragona – 6 medals for Greece – 2 golds for Cyprus

Lykourgos Tsakonas did 10.18 in mens 100m in Samorin’s meeting and set at this event too (after 200m.) the Europ.Champs standard

The greek national U18 championships were held in Katerini, with 6 more athletes making the standards for Gyor.
Elina Tzengo set a huge NR in girls JT (500gr) throwing 58,05m.
Panagiota Dosi came back in a good shape clearing all heights till 1,78m. without any fail in girls HJ
Giannis Kariofyllis won the boys 100m in 10.72 in windy conditions +2,4
-> Results

Istanbul U20 bch – 10 gold medals for Greece

Athens street Pole vault – Stefanidi set EL

The international throwing meetong “Sithonia” was held for 17th time in Halkidiki on Wednesday 20th of June
-> Results
Michael Anastasakis threw 76,53m. in mens HT setting the Europ.Ch. standard. Dilshod Nazarov (TJI) won the event in 78,08m.
The 16-years old Thodoris Ziogas threw 70,26m. the 5kg hammer and performed PB.

Greek Federation announced that a full-team of 3 men and 3 women athletes will start in Marathon event at the European Championships & Marathon Cup in Berlin (12/8).
Gloria Privilegio had set the Federation’s standard in womens Marathon, as well Panagiotis Karaiskos and Dimosthenis Magginas in mens event running Halfamarathon
There will be also Authentic Marathon winners Konstantinos Gelaouzos (M) and Ourania Rebouli (W), plus Sonia Cekini.

The 100th Mens και 62th womens Cypriot Championships took place in Paralimni
-> Results
Apostolos Parellis won the mens DT with 60,50m. while greek Giorgos Tremos threw 59,80m. and junior Giorgos Koniarakis 58,30m.
Eleni Artymata run the 400m. in 51.91 and doubled winning 200m. Amen Khadiri and Natalia Evaggelidou won the 800m.&1500m., wwhile Nikolas Frangou won 3000m. steeple and 5000m.
GS Pagkypria was the champion team both in mens and womens standings.
The conditions were extremely windy, especially during 2nd day. There was a LJ attempt measured in 10m./sec!

The U20 greek championships were held in Trikala, on 16-17.6.
-> Results
Odysseas Mouzenidis improved his SP (6kg) nat.record as he threw 20,70m.
Aris Dritsas ran the mens 400m. hurdles in 51.67 setting the U20-W.Ch. standard.
Also did Alexis Argyropoulos with 7,63m in mens LJ.
Spyridoula Karydi won the womens LJ in 6,17m. and TJ in 12,82m.
Ariadne Adamopoulou cleared 4,10m. in womens PV
Sotiris Garaganis won the 100m. in 10.60, Sotiris Komianos followed in 10.70 while Ioannis Granitsiotis was injured and finished third in 10.74.

The international meeting/Gala exclusive for womens was held for 19th time in Filothei-Athens on Wednesday the 13th of June
-> Results
Katerina Stefanidi won PV clearing 4,60 – where Yarisley Silva failed. Ariadne Adamopoulou did PB and U20 W.Ch. standard with 4,15m.
Levern Spencer cleared 1,96m. in HJ and had a good attempt at 2m.

The 3rd U23 Mediterranean T&F Championships were held in Jesolo -near Venice during last weekend
-> Results
Eleni Polak won the womens PV clearing 4,35m. (and tried then at 4,52m.)
Bronze medals for Theodora Arabatzi in womens JT and Anastasios Latiflari in mens SP
Cypriot 19years-old Giorgos Koniarakis won mens DT with a PB of 58,56m.

Miltos Tentoglou was 6th in mens LJ performing a windy 8,05m. last attempt – and 7,98m. before.
Juan Miguel Echevarria jumped an impressive 8,83m -but the wind was just over 2m (+2,1) and had a 8,50m too.
Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou failed to pass her entry height of 4,45m. in women’s PV. Sandi Morris won with 4,86m.
Konstantinos Filippidis cleared 5,50m and was 9th in mens PV – winner was junior Duplantis with 5,86m.

Stamatia Scarvelis was 3rd at NCAA finals in Hayward Field – Eugene in womens HT.
Scarvelis did PB with 69,10m. and set Europ.Cham. standard at this event too (had also in SP)
Antonis Merlos was 5th clearing 2,18m in mens HJ and set the U20 W.Ch. standard.
Tatiana Gusin was 7th in womens eventwith 1,78m.
Konstantina Romaiou did a windy 12,91m and 12,85m. in womens TJ
Keturah Orji won both womens LJ & TJ.
Rai Benjamin from Antigua did an impressive 47.03 in mens 400m hurdles (2nd all-time performance equal to Edwin Moses and after Kevin Young’s WR)
Great performances in 400m. US Michael Norman ran in 43.61 and became 6th all-time while Jamaican Akeem Bloomfield did 43.94 just 0.01 far from NR. Lynna Irby won womens event in 49.80
-> Results
Georgia University (wher headcoach is the Cypriot Petros Kyprianou) was 1st in mens rankings and 2nd in womens – just 1point after USC (South.California) who won, thanx to Kendall Ellis, in final meters the last event of 4x400m.

Istanbul U18 bch – Karydi set NR in girls LJ

The international meeting “Papaflessia” was held in windy conditions in Kalamata on Sat. 9th of June
-> Results
Cypriot Eleni Artymata ran the womens 400m in 51.95 (Maria Belibasaki DNS and ran elsewhere in 51.84 the day after)
Petros Kyriakidis won the 400m hurdles in 51.35 and Efi theodorou the womens event in 59.51.
Barnes (TUR) won the mens 100m in 10.25 (+2,3).
Novac (ROM) threw 77,98m in mens JT ans Sophia Yfantidou did 54,72m. in womens evet
The local Louis Tsatoumas who’s the greek NR holder -jumped 8,66m. there 11 years ago- was honoured. Messiniakos which is the club that belongs too and organizer of the meeting celebrates its 130 years (est.1888)

Elisavet Pesiridou ran the 100m. hurdles in 13.08 during the Josefa Odlozila Memorial meeting in Prague and made the E.Ch. standard.
Cypriot Nektaria Panagi was 2nd in women’s LJ with 6,41m.

The first international combined events meeting “Portathlon” was held in Naxos during the weekend.
-> Results
Ukrainian athletes won the events: Vadym Adamchuk the 10thlon with 7517p and Rimma Hordiyenko the 7thlon with 6022p – she also made the E.Ch. standard.
Best greeks were, setting personal bests, Panagiotis Pittas 4th with 7317p and Stella Tzikanoula 3rd with 5474p

The 70th meeting “Venizelia” was held in Chania on Sat. 2nd of June
-> Results
Rafaela Spanoudaki won the women’s 200m. in 23.24 and made the EAA’s E.Ch. standard (got the Gr.Federation’s 100m. standard as she did 11.27 a week before)

The 4th meeting of the Diamond League series took place in Rome – “Golden Gala”.
Kostas Filippidis was 5th at men’s PV with 5,52m. Sam Kendricks won in 5,84m..
Miltos Tentoglou did 7,69m in mens LJ and was 10th while Luvo Manyonga jumped 8,58μ. and Juan Miguel Echevarria a PB of 8,53μ.
Russian (as “ANA”) Maria Lasitskene-Kuchina cleared 2,02m.

The first greek grand-prix meeting was held in Edessa
-> Results
The 16-years old Elina Tzengo (awaiting greek citizenship) threw 55,48m. in JT (500gr.)
Galip Faikoglou jumped 7,21m. setting the U18 E.Ch. standard in LJ.

4 Greek athletes qualified to the NCAA’s finals (Eugene,6-9 June).
At the Western division in Sacramento, Konstantina Romaiou jumped 13,11m. in women’s TJ.
At the Eastern division in Florida, Stamatia Scarvelis in women’s HT, Tatiana Gusin in women’s HJ and Antonis Merlos in men’s HJ
Giannis Kyriazis faced an injury problem in mens JT

Cypriot Christos Dimitriou ran the men’s 800m. in 1.47.19 and made the E.Ch. standard. He was just 0.02 away from the NR which belongs to his coach Spyrou.

Kallitheas’ International meeting was held on 26th of May in Athens,
Ivana Spanovic (Serbia) opened the outdoor season by jumping 6,92m. under normal wind conditions and a wind assisted 6,98m. in women’s LJ.
Haido Alexouli had 6,55m. – and a wind assisted 6,65m.
-> Results

The international sprint & relay’s meeting “Dromia” was held for first time, on Satturday 26.5 in Vari – South Athens
Rafaela Spanoudaki ran the women’s 100m. in 11.27 and made the E.Ch. standard! Cypriot Olivia Fotopoulou followed in 11.56.
-> Results

The throwing meeting, which was also in memory of Konstantinos Spanidis, took place in Thessaloniki on Saturday 26th of May
Thodoris Ziogas the standard for the U18 E.Ch. throwing 69,35m. in HT, while the 15-year old Nikos Polychroniou threw 66,45m.
Stavroula Kosmidou did 68,12m. while Panagiota Friggi 64.55m. and also achieved the standard
Elina Tzengo threw 51,08m. in JT, while Sofia Kessidi 44,88m in DT
Iason Machairas threw 18,94m. in mens U20 SP and Konstantinos Zaltos 70,70m. in HT.
– At Halle’s meeting in Germany, in U20 events, Odysseas Mouzenidis threw 20,43 in SP and Christos Frantzeskakis 80,05m in HT.

George Tassis and Anastasia Karakatsani, being the winners of National 10.000m. Championship, represented Greece at the European Cup of 10.000m, which took place in London
Tassis run 30.00.64 while Karakatsani 34.10.95, both at B’series
The German Richard Ringer and the Israeli (Kenyan born) Chemtai Lonah Salpeter were the winners of the two races respectively.
Spain and Romania were the winning teams

The 8th international Athletics meeting Chania 2018 was held on Sat.19th of May
-> Results
Miltos Tentoglou after a couple of jumps around 8m., jumped 8,19m. in his final attempt in men’s LJ.
Nikol Kyriakopoulou soared over 4,72m. in women’s PV – and was close to 4,84m. Eleni-Claudia Polak made the E.Ch. standard by jumping 4,45m.
The youth athlete Antonis Santas cleared 4,80m. making the U18 european standard.
Lykourgos Tsakonas run the men’s 200m in 20.62. Elissavet Pesiridou did 13.13 in women’s 100m. hurdles.
Junior Odysseas Mouzenidis threw 18,72 in men’s SP

Marrakech – 7 gold medals for Greece

The 10.000m. National Championship was held at Megara on Sunday 6th of May
-> Results
In mens event, a group of 4 athletes was thw whole time till the last lap together.
George Tassis was faster in last 300m. and won in 30.09.38.
The junior Marios Anagnostou finished second in 30.10.39 just 12/100 in front of previous tear’s winner Dimosthenis Magginas and also did the U20 world champs standard. Christos Kallias was 4th.
In womens event in storm, Anastasia Karakakatsani changed pace after 6th km and won in 34.32.00. Eleftheria Petroulaki was second in 35.18.44 and Irene Tsoupaki finished third in 35.28.16 about 2″ before Gloria Piviletzio.

The first main meeting, a Throws festival was held in Tripoli on Sat. 5th of May
-> Results
Paris Batzavalis made a great comeback throwing 85,46m. in men’s javelin and made the E.Ch. standard too
Christos Frantzeskakis had great throws in junior’s HT and did twice U20 with best performance an impressive 81,32m.
Konstantinos Zaltos made also the U20 w.Ch. standard with 72,30m.
Michael Anastasakis won the mens HT event with 74,15m.
The 15-years old Nikos Polychroniou threw 66,83m. with 5kgr hammer

The first meeting of the Diamond League series took place in Doha, on Friday 4th of May
-> Results
In women’s Pole vault there were two greek athletes. Katerina Stefanidi and Nikol Kyriakopoulou, who both cleared 4,64m. and took the 4th place.
Sandi Morris was the winner with 4,84m. (tried to pass 5,01m. too and said that she aims to break the WR of 5,06m. this year)
In men’s javelin, 3 german athletes threw over 90m. – Thomas Roehler won in 91,78m.

At the 33th Hamburg-Marathon, the greek Panagiotis Karaiskos won the half marathon event in 1:06.56 followed by Dimosthenis Magginas in 1:07.12.
Both made the entry standard that the Greek Federation had set for the E.Ch. Marathon.

The School Nationals were held in Schimatari on Wednesday 18th of April (and Thursday 19.)
-> Results
Margarita Tsoukala set U18 NR in girls Heptathlon with 5336 points (15.29 1,61m. 13,63m. 27.10 – 5,68m./w 47,28m. 2.24.47)
Spyridoula Karydi jumped CR 13,11m. in girls TJ and did a U18 NR.
Andreas Pantazis did CR 15,83m. in boy’s TJ and set the U20 W.Ch. standard.
The U18 E.Ch. standard did Stavroula Kosmidou in HT, Elias Totolidis in 110m.h.
Sofia Kessidi threw a CR of 47,30 in girls DT. Marina Prrgiopoulou ran in CR 7.10,36 the girls 2000m steeple.
The cypriot Santa Kolomeiteva who won in 24.36 the girls 200m run CR 24.06 at semis, and did the U20 W.Ch. standard.
Vagia Dablia ran CR 12.08 during semis of girls 100m and won in a windy 12.06.
Giannis Granitsiotis ran in 10.56 the boy’s 100m and sotiris Komianos in 10.66.
Milena Postika cleared 3,90m. in womens PV (awaiting for the greek citizenship…)

The 21th Commonwealth Games Αγώνες were held in Gold coast of Australia.
-> Result & Cypriot athletes
Apostolos Parellis was again on pontium with 63,61m in men’s DT. (q 61,45μ.)
Milan Trajkovic was 4th in 110m. hurdles running 13.42 in final and a NR 13.36 in semis
Nektaria Panagi was 6th in women’s LJ with 6,44m – and 6,63m. in qualis
Cyprus, with Parelli’s bronze medal, succeeded to be -one of the 26 Nations- in medal tables. The Host-Nation Australia won 13 gold medals and 36 in total.
Next Games will be 2022 in Birmingham.

The 6th “Run Greece” started in Larisa on Sat.24th of March. The race of the 10km was the 2nd greek national champ. event too
Like at the previous (last seasons race) one, Konstantinos Galanopoulos (Marousi) was the winner, in 31.42.
Anastasia Karakatsani in 34.33 won the women’s event finishing fourth overall
-> Results

The 7th Athens Half-Marathon which was held on Sunday 18th of March.
-> Results
Kostas Gkelaouzos (Panathinaikos) was the mens winner in CR 1:08.30 while George Tassis followed in 1:09.23.
Eleftheria Petroulaki (Mykonos) won the womens event in 1:20.01 and left Ourania Rebouli second in 1:20.26
The 5km races won Dimosthenis Magginas and Anastasia Karakatsani – where third finished the 12-years old Glykeria Skarkou.
At the 3km the winners were Markos Gkourlias and Konstantina Giannopoulou – 2nd was the 13-years old Iliana Hatzipanagioti.
-> photoz

Alexandros Papamichael and Antigoni Drisbioti won the 20km Walk National Championships which took place at Megara on Sunday 11th of March.

Birmingham – 3rd place for Stefanidi

Konstantinos Gelaouzos (10km men) and Anthi Kyriakopoulou (8km women) won the greek Cross-country championships, nearby Trikala, on Sunday 25th of February
-> Results

Cypriot Natalia Evaggelidou set NR in Athlone (IRL). She improved over 1 second her performance in 1500m finishing in 4.14.62

Balkan Indoor Championships – Dosi set NJR

Greek indoor championships – Karalis set WJR

Sofia – 2nd place for Greece – many NR

Konstantinos Filippidis equaled his NR in pole vault, clearing 5,85m. and won the 3rd meeting of World Indoor Tour in Madrid.

Odysseas Mouzenis improved once more his NJR throwing 20,11m. in 6kgr shot put, during indoor meeting in Thessaloniki.

Katerina Stefanidi won the 111th edition of Millrose Games in New York, clearing 4,71m. in women’s pole vault.

The main greek indoor meeting took place at “Peace&Friendship” Stadium on Friday 26th of January
-> Results
Ioannis Granitsiotis improved his U18 record, running 6.85 in men’s 60m – qualif.round. Eftymios Stergioulis won the event in 6.70.
Spyridoula Karydi improved her U18 record jumping 12,68m. in women’s TJ
Daphne Lavasa ran the women’s 3000m. in 10.02.57 and set also an U18 record.
Konstantinos Filippidis cleared 5,70m. and was close to 5,80m. in men’s pole vault.

Cypriot Christos Dimitriou improved after 3 years his NR running the 800m. in 1.48.23 in Vienna’s meeting.
Paraskevi Papachristou jumped 14,25m. in women’s TJ in Val de Reuil, while Cypriot Milan Trajkovic ran in 7.74 the 60m. hurdles.

The 16 years old Ioannis Granitsiotis set a new U18 NR (after 21 years) running 6.90 in men’s 60m, during indoor T&F meeting in Athens.
Spyridoula Karydi jumped 12,50m. in women’s TJ and set also a U18 indoor record

The 19 years old Odysseas Mouzenidis throwed 3 times over the 20m. mark the 6kgr shotput and improved his NJR with 20,09m., during T&F indoor meeting in Thessaloniki

Nikol Kyriakopoulou competed for first time after one and a half year -of injury and pregnancy- and cleared 4,60m. in women’s pole vault, winninig the Orleane’s meeting in France.
Konstantinos Filippidis won the men’s event clearing 5,71m. in his …fourth attempt (was equal in 5,61m. with Yie)

Athens Authentic Marathon 2017

Stefanidi named European athlete of 2017

Run Greece series of races came to its end. At the same time the first road 10K national championships took place at Patras.
Galanopoulos took gold after finishing in 31.37 ahead of Karaiskos and Anagnostou.
Konstantinopoulou won the women’s distance with 36.03 ahead of evergreens Gazea and Tsekini.
-> Results
The focus now is drawn to the Athens Classic Marathon and its side events

Paris will hold the 2024 Olympics (33th edition) and Los Angeles the one of 2028, after a simultaneous awarding
(both cities will host the major event for the 3rd time in history)
-> Olympic Games (in greek)

Προηγούμενο άρθροOstrava – Stefanidi, Tentoglou, Papachristou represented Team Europe
Επόμενο άρθροΜαθητής και αθλητής


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